A Secular View from the lens..

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Welcome to my photography website. This all started as a small journey and along the way, it became my life! I am excited to deliver pieces of my secular lifestyle through pictures with the world. Please browse through my blog posts and gallery, I am certain you will discover photos you love.


If you’d like to book me for an event please note currently I do not have a set fee. I am working more from a donation standpoint, you pay what you can afford or what you feel your service was worth. For me there should be services offered for everyone even the people who may not be able to afford it. If you have a special event you want photos of, or just photos of yourself or family, book a shooting and discuss price after!


I have some merch for sale. Please find the Store tab at the top of the web page and get some unique apparel or accessories to sport your love for photography.


I now have a patreon if you wish to support my content creation. $1 per month can go a long way. We have certain patreon tier’s you can get a one time prize for your monthly donation.

  • Tier 1 – you sign up for $5 per month you can choose a sticker from my store for free.
  • Tier 2 – you sign up for $10 per month you can choose a tee shirt for free from my store.
  • Tier 3 – you sign up for $25 per month and you will receive a free hoodie from my store for free, or your choice of items of equal price to the hoodie.

Thanks for all the support and please enjoy my page!