Wekiva Island


Feeling the water underneath me, seeing the fish, gators, and other creatures making their way down the river, and enjoying a nice cold beer is exactly how I wanted to spend my six year anniversary. Today I went to Wekiva Island and canoed down the river with my fiance and two of my good friends.

Anyone who knows me understands my top fears are: boats of any kind, heights no matter how high, and spiders. Today I was able to conquer a huge fear of being on the water with the love of my life. It was an amazing experience and I will be doing it much more now that I know I am strong enough to.

Some photos were taken in a moving canoe so came out a little blurry, and some of them were taken by my fiance or friend.


DSC_0077 (2)DSC_0360 (2)

DSC_0078 (2)DSC_0093 (2)DSC_0103 (2)DSC_0104 (2)DSC_0131 (2)DSC_0143 (2)DSC_0145DSC_0171 (2)DSC_0178DSC_0184 (2)DSC_0192DSC_0193DSC_0204 (2)DSC_0220DSC_0221DSC_0223 (2)DSC_0225DSC_0231DSC_0238DSC_0255DSC_0275DSC_0277DSC_0298 (2)DSC_0326


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Secular Sommer

Learning photographer. I point and shoot from a secular view.

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