Tampa bound..

This weekend I had tickets to a rock concert and a hotel booked for Saturday night in Tampa. My hubs and I had high expectations for this weekend; afterall we were kid free, had a couple hundred bucks to our name, and most of all each other. Things didn’t go as planned, the time changed for the show and we missed our two favorite bands, I got threatened to be arrested for no reason whatsoever, and the original hotel we booked didn’t work out.

So what did we end up doing? Well.. taking pictures around the lake at the hotel we stayed at and smoking maryjane. Worth it? Maybe for me.. I admit I do love taking photos 📸

Here are some photos I snapped on the drive and during the stay. Please subscribe to my blog if you like the content and check out the store link on my website.

Middle of nowhere on our way home.
Too high of ISO at night, but interesting grsony film look.
Free spirit 🦄✌🏼

Awesome lake to walk around at the hotel. Red face ducks galore.
My first attempt at this sort of shot. 
What the area of my silloghette shot looked like.

Clean laundry anyone?

Me and maryjane got a thing going on 

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Secular Sommer

Learning photographer. I point and shoot from a secular view.

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