The Power of Photography

I found out last night that the father who I never knew, who never knew me, was on life support and dying. I took the day off work because I was experiencing a state of shock, knowing I would lose any chances to know him but also pissed that for 26 years he never took the time to know me. I went to the park today to sort out my thoughts with my friend and our daughters. I call this the power of Photography because I always tell people the reason it’s a hobby for me is it’s the best way to let go. You only focus on what you want to photograph; you look in the viewfinder and just zone in on how you want to view the world. I was explaining this to my friend, handed her my camera, and she went to work. She didn’t want to put it down. Directing me and her daughter for a couple shots, talking about future shots she wants to take. She will be purchasing her own camera now! The power of photography helped me to cope today, and also showed my friend that she has an eye for photos. Seemed like a moment in time I should stamp in my blog.

Combined photos taken from me and my friend throughout the day.

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Secular Sommer

Learning photographer. I point and shoot from a secular view.

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