Cranes Roost Park

Cranes Roost Park is located in the heart of Altamonte Springs; smack dab in the center is a beautiful body of water surrounded by walking paths and bridges. Some people use this park as a jogging trail, some just come to sit and feed the ducks things they shouldn’t eat and others come to walk and enjoy the views with their family. I found it to be an awesome place to snap some photos.. it had just started drizzling and the sun was heading down so the lighting was perfect as well. It was a last minute decision to stop here and I’m glad I did! Please let me know if you enjoy the content posted and if so follow my blog!

Lake Eola

A beautiful park filled with ducks and swans the size of dogs. Filled with people a lot less fortunate than me, and people who are a lot more fortunate than me. A place where homeless people live, and rich people go to jog on their lunches. A place where talented folk perform for tips to help make ends meet. Regardless, I enjoyed the time with my fiance and daughter. I enjoyed seeing the performer’s, the rainbow stage, and taking the pictures. Left before the Florida summer rain started.