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High Tides

Almost got rained out, got some awesome pictures of the storm rolling in. Got my pants soaked trying to get some of these pictures. The waves were crazy. birdsNaturePhotographyRandomriptidesRiverstormthunderstormtidesWaterwaveswildlife

Gemini Trail

Florida weather has been nothing but rain the past few weeks. I went out to shoot today but was so exhausted from the heat I was only out for about 20-30 minutes. There is something about nature photos that I enjoy, and with living in Florida it is hard to escape sometimes!   butterfliesNaturePhotographyRandomrustic

Wekiva Island

  Feeling the water underneath me, seeing the fish, gators, and other creatures making their way down the river, and enjoying a nice cold beer is exactly how I wanted to spend my six year anniversary. Today I went to Wekiva Island and canoed down the river with my fiance and two of my good…