Cranes Roost Park

Cranes Roost Park is located in the heart of Altamonte Springs; smack dab in the center is a beautiful body of water surrounded by walking paths and bridges. Some people use this park as a jogging trail, some just come to sit and feed the ducks things they shouldn’t eat and others come to walk and enjoy the views with their family. I found it to be an awesome place to snap some photos.. it had just started drizzling and the sun was heading down so the lighting was perfect as well. It was a last minute decision to stop here and I’m glad I did! Please let me know if you enjoy the content posted and if so follow my blog!

Nikon D800 Review

Before I launch into my review for this camera I want to remind all you lovely followers to check out my store as well as my patreon(linked below). Thanks for the support!

Nikon D800 – Old to you; new to me

So I decided to move on from my starter camera and get something that is a little more advanced. I am attracted to Nikon so naturally stuck with the Nikon brand. I did quite a few weeks research to see what camera would fit my photography needs and settled on the older Nikon D800.

This camera originally came out years ago. There are newer options than this but considering I am currently working photography only as a hobby I didn’t want to drop thousands on new gear. I found a used, great condition, Nikon D800 for $725 on eBay and of course jumped on the deal.

Now, I am here to discuss if it’s still a camera worth looking into especially for this price used. Let’s dive in..


The Nikon D800 uses 36 MP and this is really what drew me to going for this camera. I love details, I love sharpness, and I also love being able to crop if necessary without causing pixelation issues in the process. So far this has lived up to my expectations, the photos come out crisp and have been able to successfully crop photos and be happy with the results.

The settings weren’t very hard to figure out, easier than I originally expected. The starter camera I was using (Nikon d3400) had very simple settings, a lot of it automatically was adjusted for you. The Nikon D800 gives me the option to easily change my apeture shutterspeed and ISO without having to go into the settings on the camera. Just simply use the buttons and dials on the top of the camera! I love this aspect of having a more advanced camera than my d3400.

There are a few things that I’ve found myself wishing were a little better, or different. I am using a 50mm lens (cheaper one, not Nikon brand) and have found the focusing speed is slower on my d800, and it has issues focusing if im too close to a subject. This seems to be more present in my d800 than my d3400. Thankfully the type of shots I take don’t require a fast focus, I’m hoping when I upgrade lens it might resolve the issue a bit.

Since this is an older camera, before snapbridge, it’s not as easy to transfer photos to a mobile phone. I am very active on Instagram so this was a downfall for me. It takes me twice as long to get photos post processed and on my phone.

It also would be nice if the display screen on toptlit up. Hard to see in the dark!

So far i’m pleased overall. I love DSLR and this really is a great option whether used just for a hobby or as a professional photographer. The few downfalls aren’t enough to turn me away from the quality photos that come out of it. Considering you can buy it lightly used for under $800(US)(still around $2k new!!) makes it worth the purchase. I’d recommend it

Here are some photos I’ve snapped with it!



Bokeh Apparel Campaign

Hello fellow photographers,

I am looking to upgrade from a Nikon D3400 to a Nikon D800 and figured an apparel campaign to contribute to the community would be a good idea. If you like bokeh and are a photography nut you might be interested in some things available in the Bokeh Baby Apparel Campaign. I am aiming to sell 50, so if you are interested just click the link below. Thanks for the support.